Sito Ufficiale dell'Associazione "Tegnue di Chioggia" - ONLUS

Buoy - Montagnana



Geographical reference: AL100

Lat. 45° 12.803’ N
Long. 12° 23.727’ E




Nord 5009955

Length of route: 140 mt

Identification mark: T

This diving site is inside the largest area of the No-Take Zone. The diving routes have been set up and are managed by two centres: “G.S. Montagnana” – Montagnana (Padua) and “Metamauco Sub” – Padua. To celebrate the 25th anniversary from its foundation, the Gruppo Subacqueo di Montagnana placed a statue of Our Lady of Medugorje on the seabed of the Tegnùa. The rocky outcrop belongs to one of the main structures of the Tegnùe of Chioggia and is on the opposite side of the P204 site (Sub Mestre). The surrounding sea bottom is around 20-21 metres deep while rock depth is less than 17 metres. The rocks form a long cordillera in north-south-east direction. The south-west side is very sheer while the north-east side gently declines and is gradually covered with sand. There is abundance of Porifera in benthic sessile populations: among these Geodia cydonium sponges, remarkable for their size and number.
Bathymetric survey: Piero Mescalchin


Posa della Madonna di Medugorje


Associazione Tegnùe di Chioggia, onlus - Hotel Le Tegnue, Lungomare Adriatico, 48 - 30015 - Chioggia (Ve), Italy